Your Premier Provider in Home Heating and Air

What’s the difference between average residential HVAC services and premier HVAC services? Let’s break it down into a few words:

  • Expertise
  • Experience
  • Excellence

At Dan’s Heating and Air, LLC, we embody each of these words with each and every HVAC service call and installation. There are no cutting corners. There are absolutely no amateurs. And our customer service consistently takes it to the next level, so you can trust you have found the right team to handle your home’s climate control.

How Do We Do It for Our Residential HVAC Customers?

With so many companies today providing status quo products and services, you may be wondering how our team at Dan’s is able to hit a homerun with each service we offer. The truth is we have a few secrets up our sleeves.

For one, our owner Dan Hurt, has been in the HVAC industry for decades and he has grown Dan’s Heating and Air as a family-owned and operated business. He even brought his son Nick on-board. There’s something special about family members working together to accomplish a goal, and you will notice this difference in the services you receive.

One of our primary business goals is to make every customer a repeat customer. We want to wow your socks off with our high-level of HVAC expertise, state-of-the-art equipment and attentive customer service you can’t find with other companies and technicians.

What to Expect from Dan’s Residential HVAC Services

When it comes to your home, you deserve a premier HVAC provider—one that specializes in residential heating, cooling and ventilation. That’s exactly what you get with Dan’s Heating and Air, LLC. From expert equipment maintenance to dependable HVAC installation, we have you covered and will work our magic to ensure your home stays comfortable year-round—no matter what the South Carolina seasons throw your way.

We offer a full range of residential HVAC services:

  • HVAC repair, including 24/7 emergency services
  • HVAC design for your new home build or renovation
  • HVAC product selection – if you need a new system, let our experts help you to make the right choice; we provide financing through Wells Fargo; with approved credit, and offer the top products on the market today, including models from American Standard Air
  • Preventative maintenance to catch the small issues before they become costly, major repairs or replacements
  • Energy efficiency services—cut costs on energy bills without sacrificing comfort; let us help to make your HVAC as energy efficient as possible
  • Indoor air quality services—we can help you to improve the indoor air quality with the top of the line air filters, purifiers, humidifiers and dehumidifiers

Ready to Get the Residential HVAC Services You Need In Lexington?

Connect with our team at Dan’s Heating and Air, LLC, online now, or call 803-520-7575 to schedule your first appointment for residential HVAC services in Lexington SC and beyond.

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With so many companies today providing status quo products and services, you may be wondering how our team at Dan’s is able to hit a homerun with each service we offer. 



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I called after a hot weekend. A/C stopped working. Had a guy come out the Monday after and was very professional and nice. Got it working. This is the second time dealing with Dan’s and will deal again. Thanks!

T. Gilroy

Our tech who came out was excellent, Chris was hardworking and problem solving . Appreciate all his work.

L. Free