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Reasons to Invest in Ductless HVAC Equipment in Lexington, SC

ductless HVAC equipment in Lexington, SC

Ductless HVAC systems offer several benefits, including ease of installation, lower energy use, and improved comfort. Also known as mini-splits, ductless systems deliver conditioned air directly into a room or zone instead of moving air through ducts. They are available as heat pumps or air conditioners that can operate as single-zone or multiple-zone systems depending on the model.

Ease of Installation

Ductless HVAC equipment is easy to install. An indoor air handler mounted on the wall, floor or ceiling is attached to an outdoor condensing unit via a conduit containing refrigerant lines, electrical wiring, and condensate tubing. A small hole is drilled through a wall for the conduit to pass through.

The outdoor unit can be placed outside your home in a convenient location. Installation by a professional can usually be done in one day with minimal disruption to your household. Although installing a ductless system is easier than installing a ducted system, manufacturers recommend using professional installation services. Mini-split installation requires specialized knowledge and training. A mistake can lower efficiency, affect the warranty or cause a refrigerant leak.

Energy Efficiency

Mini-splits are more energy-efficient than ducted systems. According to Energy Star, ducts lose between 20% and 30% of the conditioned air passing through them because of leaks and poor connections. There is no energy loss in ductless systems.

Each zone has its own controls. You can adjust the temperature of a single room without affecting other spaces. When you leave, you can turn the unit off, which saves energy.


Ductless HVAC equipment is great for older homes without a ducted HVAC system. They also offer indoor comfort solutions for add-ons and outbuildings. If a room in your home is difficult to cool, a ductless system lets you adjust the temperature for that space without affecting other rooms.

Single-zone systems cool one room or zone. Multi-zone systems cool several areas with one outdoor unit connected to up to eight indoor air handlers. Each zone has its own controls, allowing individualized temperature settings for personalized comfort.

Quality Installations by Trusted Professionals

Dan’s Heating & Air offers professional ductless mini-split installation services for communities in the Lexington, South Carolina, area. Our licensed service technicians have experience in ductless heat pump and air conditioning installations.

We back our work with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and take pride in doing a quality job that ensures proper installation. Call Dan’s Heating & Air today to find out more about ductless HVAC equipment.

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