Get New Construction HVAC Right from Day One

By choosing to work with a professional team that specializes in HVAC for new custom homes, you can know you aren’t short changing your new build. Clearly, this is a job for professionals who know what to expect and know how to get the job right to ensure all parties achieve 100% satisfaction—not just today, but in the months and years to come.

At Dan’s Heating and Air, LLC, you will find technicians who deliver a high level of expertise as well as the attentive customer service this job requires. We bring a combined 80 years of experience to the HVAC industry and are proud to specialize in new construction HVAC for custom homes.

We are so serious about getting each job right that we don’t even take on subdivision projects. It’s our goal to give our focus to custom home projects in a way that exceeds customer expectations each and every time.

Let a Trusted, Family-Owned Business Make Your New Build Feel Like Home

What does it mean to make a house a home? Features like expert design, color scheme and home décor all impact the ambiance. But how much does any of this matter if you can’t get the climate control right? The truth is it can be difficult, if not impossible, to fully enjoy your home if you are sweating bullets during the warmer months and huddling up with family members to get warm in the winter. Don’t let this happen in your new custom home!

You can count on Dan Hurt and his team at Dan’s Heating and Air to ensure your heating and cooling system provides maximum comfort. From smart thermostats and zoning to indoor air quality and just-right temperatures, we think of it all to help you achieve the ideal climate in your home.

Control Your HVAC Climate

Having the right expert team in place for new construction HVAC means you can get it right from the very start. Countless new home owners have wished they had devoted more attention to their climate control when building their homes. Why? Because it stinks to have a beautiful home you can’t properly cool or heat due to not having the ideal HVAC system.

The truth is that most problems with furnaces or air conditioners result from faulty design or installation. When you are talking about a newly-built home, this can be a doozy of a mistake that leads to climate control issues for years to come. No homeowner OR builder desires this fate for custom home construction.

Connect with us online now or call 803-520-7575 to schedule a consultation for your new construction HVAC for your custom home. We are available 24/7 to answer your questions and provide the expert-level services you need for your home.

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With so many companies today providing status quo products and services, you may be wondering how our team at Dan’s is able to hit a homerun with each service we offer. 



You may know the frustration of commercial HVAC services that missed the mark for your business. Discover why more businesses in the Lexington SC area are choosing Dan’s.



Our tech who came out was excellent, Chris was hardworking and problem solving . Appreciate all his work.

L. Free

We had Chris as our technician and he was outstanding. Extremely thorough and informative. Left no stone unturned. He spoke very highly of his company which is a good sign of a great company. Thanks…I have air!!!

D. Mullen