Trustworthy Commercial Refrigeration Repair

In order to keep your business running smoothly, commercial refrigeration repair service must be on your speed dial. If you run a restaurant, grocery store, hotel or another type of facility that needs to keep items cold, you know what a disaster it can be if your refrigeration units aren’t working properly. Even a few degrees off on the temperature can mean a mess as well as lost income and unhappy customers.

The problem is that it can be a challenge to find experts in commercial refrigeration repair. Of course, you can find many HVAC companies in the Lexington SC area, but it’s rare to encounter a company that specializes in this unique type of repair.

At Dan’s Heating and Air, LLC, we are not only able to provide the repair services you need for your commercial refrigeration, but we are also highly qualified to do so. It’s true that this specialized repair service requires in-depth knowledge and skills, which is why we ensure each of our technicians receive the expert training they need to get the job done right for our commercial customers.

The Right Refrigeration Reapir Service Keeps Business Booming

We all know that when something breaks down, it usually happens during the evening, on the weekend or in the middle of a holiday. When you have Dan’s on your side, it doesn’t matter when it happens. Because we offer 24/7 emergency service, 365 days a year, you can count on our friendly technicians to show up anytime you need fast, dependable repair services.

Here’s what we can offer you to meet your business’s refrigeration needs:

  • Commercial refrigeration repair that fits your budget
  • Repairs to keep your units running at peak energy efficiency, which saves you money on energy bills
  • Emergency repairs to protect your refrigerated products—we will get there right away
  • Repairs to help you continue following health codes and proper guidelines for temperature control

Need Commercial Refrigeration Repair Fast? Call Dan’s Today

Whether you need commercial refrigeration repair ASAP, or you just want to be prepared for your next refrigeration break-down, it’s time to get in touch with our team at Dan’s Heating and Air, LLC. Call us now at 803-520-7575, or connect with us through our website.

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With so many companies today providing status quo products and services, you may be wondering how our team at Dan’s is able to hit a homerun with each service we offer. 



You may know the frustration of commercial HVAC services that missed the mark for your business. Discover why more businesses in the Lexington SC area are choosing Dan’s.



We had Chris as our technician and he was outstanding. Extremely thorough and informative. Left no stone unturned. He spoke very highly of his company which is a good sign of a great company. Thanks…I have air!!!

D. Mullen

Our tech who came out was excellent, Chris was hardworking and problem solving . Appreciate all his work.

L. Free