Experience Dan’s Commercial Refrigeration Installation

The best way to avoid problems with your commercial refrigeration installation? Choose to work with the experts who have years of experience. Clearly, this isn’t a time to try-out a company that is just getting started. It’s okay to be judgmental and selective. After all, this is your business we are talking about, and you need your refrigeration systems to be on point every single day. There’s no room for error or problems resulting from faulty installation.

The solution is simple: call on Dan’s Heating and Air, LLC, when you need expert commercial refrigeration installation. Dan Hurt and his team have been meeting the refrigeration needs of businesses in the Lexington, SC, area since 1981. We have the installation process down to a science. You can count on our technicians to have the necessary training, certifications and experience to get the job done right the first time.

Why Professional Installation Matters for Your Commercial Refrigeration

You can probably imagine the results of an unprofessional installation job. While you may shave a bit off of the upfront cost by hiring an amateur, you are guaranteed to make up for it plus a lot more with all of the costly repairs and replacements you will need in the future.

Why not set your commercial refrigeration up for success from Day One? Whether you are a brand-new business or a business that’s been around the block a few times and need an upgrade, go with the pros at Dan’s. Choosing a professional for the job is better for the long-term health and productivity of your business.

At Dan’s we will work closely with you to ensure you purchase the ideal refrigeration units to meet your business needs. Then, we come to your business location to perform the installation. We work with you to find a time that is convenient for your schedule, and we show up when we say we will. You’ll never have to wait around, tapping your foot. We respect your schedule and your business, and you will know this is true with each interaction you have with one of our team members.

Get the Commercial Refrigeration Installation You Need Today

You can count on our team at Dan’s for:

  • Commercial refrigeration design,
  • Planning
  • Installation,
  • And maintenance after the installation.

We will take care of the process every step of the way to ensure your business has the right refrigeration system to meet your needs. Connect with us today online or call 803-520-7575 to get started on your new commercial refrigeration installation.

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With so many companies today providing status quo products and services, you may be wondering how our team at Dan’s is able to hit a homerun with each service we offer. 



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We had Chris as our technician and he was outstanding. Extremely thorough and informative. Left no stone unturned. He spoke very highly of his company which is a good sign of a great company. Thanks…I have air!!!

D. Mullen

Our tech who came out was excellent, Chris was hardworking and problem solving . Appreciate all his work.

L. Free